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A Tribute to Tom Sleigh, Associated Writing Programs Conference, Oregon Convention Center, Room D 137-138, Level 1

Over the course of a career that has spanned four decades, Tom Sleigh has made a notable contribution to American letters—primarily as a poet, but also as a journalist and critic. Tom Sleigh has published twelve volumes of poetry and prose, and has received many accolades for his work. During a time when American poets of all affiliations seek to practice a poetry of resistance, Sleigh’s work exemplifies how such verse might look--how it can seamlessly combine the personal and the political, be fierce but impressively crafted, urgent but free of cant. Sleigh’s reportage from numerous international zones of conflict further testifies to the importance of his example. His consummately crafted poems display great aesthetic breadth and an ever-deepening social consciousness. His reportage from locales such as Iraq, Somalia, and Lebanon reflect an abiding search for moral and political truth, one that represents writing of witness at its best. Participants include Emilia Phillips, Sunil Yapa, Grace McNair, Peter Campion, and Tomas Morin.